Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ divided to two sections: Member FAQ's | Community FAQ's


Member FAQ’s 

Q: How do I become a member of the Welcome Here Project and how long does approval take?

A: It’s easy to apply! Go to where it only takes 5 minutes.

We process applications within 2 weeks and send out Member Packs within 4 weeks (maximum).

If for any reason the membership pack does not arrive or if you have any other questions please contact us at


Q: Is there a fee involved to become a member?

A: Yes, in some cases a small fee has been introduced to help cover project running costs.

When you are applying to become a member you can register one or multiple sites – Members receive one Member Pack for each registered site.


If you are applying from within NSW:

The first three Member Packs (or sites) are free – each subsequent Member Pack costs $7.

If you are applying outside of NSW:

Each Member Pack (or site) costs $7.

NSW members receive their first three Member Packs for free because ACON receives government funding to cover the cost of the project within NSW.

A Member Pack includes:

- Welcome letter

- Checklist

- Sticker

- Charter

- Promotional postcards


Q: What are the conditions of membership?

A: We require members to support the three project commitments:

- Welcome and include LGBTIQ+ people

- Create positive change in your local community

- Celebrate LGBTIQ+ Diversity (Diversity Days)

We also require members to display the Welcome Here member sticker and charter publicly and/or online. 

It is optional but we encourage members to join in celebrating ACON’s LGBTI Diversity Days Project.


Q: Who can apply to become a member?

A: All businesses and organisations including community and government services can become a member. There are no limits in size, location or sector, all are welcome.

Some organisations might also want to consider one of ACON’s other Inclusion Programs either in addition or as another option:

- Pride in Diversity Australia’s first and only national not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTI workplace inclusion.

- Pride in Health + Wellbeing is a membership program that provides year-round support in the provision of LGBTI inclusive services for those working within the health and wellbeing sector.

- Pride in Sport Australia’s first and only sporting inclusion program specifically designed to assist National and State sporting organisations (NSO/SSO’s) and clubs with the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) employees, players, volunteers and spectators.

- Pride Training provides learning and development programs to assist health and community organisations increase their knowledge of LGBTI people, communities and health issues. Our learning and development offerings use a variety of activities, media and training resources to engage with participants.

For more information please visit www.prideinclusionprograms


Q: I was a Safe Place Member, do I have to reapply to the Welcome Here Project?

A: Yes, the Safe Place Project was reviewed resulting in the establishment of the refreshed Welcome Here Project. We have made some changes and improvements including the introduction of a new database therefore we require previous project members to reapply. The sticker and charter are also different so reapply to get all the benefits of being a member:

What’s new?

- New focus – the focus has shifted from ‘safety’ to creating visibly welcoming spaces and celebrating LGBTIQ diversity.

- Member Resources – we now provide free resources to help members celebrate LGBTIQ diversity – see for more info.

- New Look – members and the LGBTI community were consulted on the new design.

- Just one sticker – there were 5 different colour stickers for different member types.

- Simplified application – the application form is shorter and easier.

- Nominate a Business function – if you know a business you think would like to be involved.

- New Website – providing useful information including a community feedback section

- Project Promotion Resources – download our logo and Member Badge and let everyone know you are a proud member.

- Member Newsletter – we are keen to provide members with useful information to create welcoming and inclusive spaces.

- Expanded scope – people from all over Australia can now apply to become a member.


Q: What if my business/organisation has more than 1 location?

A: The More the merrier! If your organisation has more than one site it is optional for you to register each site. Each registered site will receive a Member Pack which contains the Welcome Here sticker and charter. Put another way, you need to register a site in order to get a sticker and charter for that site.

Some organisations have numerous sites but you may only wish to register some of them – that’s fine with us!


Q: Do I have to identify as LGBTI to apply?

A: No. Anyone that wants to show their commitment to the LGBTIQ community can join the project. LGBTIQ people rely on our allies – we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of allies.


Q: My business/organisation is outside NSW, can I still apply?

A: Yes! While the project was developed in NSW and has been based here for many years we have now expanded the scope of the project so businesses and organisations across Australia can now join.

We welcome all new members from wherever you are located.


Q: What are the benefits of being a member?


- Belong to a national movement of like-minded inclusive businesses/organisations

- A low cost and easy way to show your customers/clients that your business is welcoming of LGBTIQ people

- Opportunities to increase your exposure to LGBTIQ communities for example by listing your site/s on our Member Directory

- Access to training and other inclusion information to help make your business/service more accessible


Q: Can I nominate a business or organisation to join the project?

A: Community members can submit an online nomination for any businesses and/or services they believe demonstrates the project principles to become a Welcome Here Project member.

When we receive a nomination we send the nominated organisation an email with a link to the application page and invite them to join. The nomination process is confidential.


Q: Can I promote the project in my local area?

A: Yes Please! Promotion of the project can come in many forms. Displaying the Welcome Here sticker and charter is one fantastic way. Other ways I can promote the project:

- Download the project logo and Member Badge from our website and let everyone know you are a proud member.

- Display the Welcome Here Project promotional cards in your business or service.

- LGBTIQ Diversity Days resources are also available so you can promote and celebrate LGBTIQ days of significance.

- Post a selfie on Facebook or Instagram displaying your sticker and/or charter. Tag @aconsafetyandinclusion or #ACONwelcomehere


Q: What is the LGBTIQ Diversity Days Project and do Welcome Here members have to join in?

A: LGBTIQ Diversity Days is a project that aims to recognise international days of significance for members of the LGBTI community and individuals; they can be days of celebration, calls to action or days to acknowledge the issues that still face LGBTI communities and the acceptance of diversity in our broader society.

While you do not have to acknowledge all the Diversity Days we do encourage you to choice those days that you or your local community relate to, fine important or represent them. You may also consider a day that you have not heard about before, omission of an issue is akin to denying it. Show your support for diversity in your own way!

For Tools and tips on Diversity Days go to


Community FAQ’s

Q: What is the Welcome Here Project all about?

A: The Welcome Here Project supports businesses and organisations to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) communities and individuals. Thus showing their support for an inclusive diverse society.


Q: What Can I expect when I go into a registered Welcome Here Members place?

A: All Welcome Here members have agreed to the three project commitments which are:

- Welcome and include LGBTIQ people

- Create positive change in their local community

- Celebrate LGBTIQ Diversity

When you visit a member they will have their sticker and charter proudly on display. They may also have other project promotional material such as:

- Welcome Here Project promo cards

- A poster celebrating LGBTIQ day of significance

- Some members may also be actively promoting their membership via their website or social media platforms.

If you have a positive or negative experience and want to let us know please go to the contact us page on our website Welcome Here or you may wish to give your feedback directly to the member. 

ACON’s Welcome Here Project aims to bring along the broader community on a journey of greater inclusion. We therefore adopt a supportive approach of encouraging and providing information to effect positive change. If community members have specific needs related to negative experiences we will happily refer them and provide support to use general complaint mechanisms available.


Q: What is the nomination function? What happens when I nominate a business?

A: If you know of a business or organisation in your local area that is welcoming and inclusive of the LGBTIQ community and you think they should be a registered Welcoming Place you can nominate them on our website to become a Member. We will contact the business or organisation to let them know about your nomination and extend an offer of membership to them.


Q: As an individual can I become a member?

A: No, unfortunately an individual cannot become a member. We designed the Welcome Here Project for businesses, organisations, services, clubs and so forth who are public facing and therefore have the potential to create social change by taking a stand and showing their customers, clients, members and so forth they welcome LGBTIQ diversity.

However, we encourage you to support and get involved in the project:  

- Nominate a Business – through our website you could nominate a business or service to become a Welcome Here Place. Nominations can be done at

- Provide Feedback – If you have a positive or negative experience and want to let us know please go to our Welcome Here website or you may wish to give your feedback directly to the member.

- Celebrate LGBTIQ Diversity Days – this project is all about increase visibility and awareness of LGBTIQ communities and breaking down access barriers. Join in celebrating LGBTIQ days of significance on social media, at work or at your local club by downloading free Promo Kits from

- Donate – please consider making a donation to support our ongoing work


Q: Can a community member celebrate LGBTIQ Diversity Days?

A: Yes please! On our Diversity Days page we have links and resources for all to print, post or email You can also Like us on Facebook @aconsafetyandinclusion.