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The Application Process 




Are you excited to join a project that allows you to promote the fact that your business/organisation is welcoming, inclusive and celebratory of LGBTIQ communities?

Is your business/organisation small to medium in size, or an individual franchisee (i.e. not a large corporation)?

If you answered yes to the above, please apply below and we will look forward to receiving your application. It is free to become a member of the Welcome Here Project. If you have any questions about the above before applying, please contact us here. 

Once we receive your application, please allow up to four weeks for the ACON Welcome Here Project Membership Review Panel to assess your application. You will then be advised of the outcome. Accepted applicants will be advised via email that they are now a registered Welcoming Place and can expect their welcome kit to arrive in the mail. If the Welcome Here Project isn't the right project for your business, ACON will be in touch and will advise should another ACON program be suitable. 

Accepted member's welcome kits will arrive in the post, with information about your new membership. You can then display your charter and sticker within your business! Your business will be added to our interactive map for everyone to see all registered Welcoming Places in NSW. You will continue to receive membership updates and information from ACON, and please do keep in touch with us here, and via our Instagram and Facebook channels. 

For those health and community organisations we recognise the unique work you do with LGBTIQ people and the desire to provide a welcoming service. We will be developing program offerings that reflect the work you do and needs of LGBTIQ people in identifying and accessing your services as a welcoming place. This will be done over time and in consultation.