New Member

Here are some suggested steps to take once you have joined the Welcome Here Project:

Get your workplace ready

  • Put up your sticker and charter in a visible area
  • Place your promotional cards and magnets in a central place for staff and visitors to see
  • Upload our project logo to your website and hyperlink to our website (Members will receive the logo upon joining the project)


Inform your team

  • Share information from our project website with your team:
  • Ideas for a team launch:
    • Have a morning tea or a staff meeting
    • Screen the project video and take a team photo


Announce that you have joined the project

  • Let the LGBTIQ community know you are a proud member
    • Post photos on social media, a team photo in front of your sticker is very welcoming
    • Wear your Welcome Here Project pin for the community to see
    • Download and print a project banner
  • Let your networks know you are a proud member
    • Download the free promo materials:
      • Project logo: good for newsletters, websites, brochures and so on
      • Pull-up or feather banners: good for events


Celebrate LGBTIQ Days of Significance (we call them Diversity Days)


For more information contact us at [email protected]


Photo: The Lion and Buffalo announcing they joined the project in July 2018