Diversity Days

Diversity Days are all about celebrating or honouring LGBTIQ days of significance, and increasing awareness of the LGBTIQ community’s rich and fabulous diversity. Below are useful resources to download including information on each of the days for your business and your staff to learn more about the days or to be able to discuss them with your customers and patrons, posters you can print and display, and social media assets you can post to your Facebook or Instagram accounts to increase awareness about upcoming days. If you have any feedback on these kits or any questions about Diversity Days, please contact us here.


Below is the full list of annual LGBTIQ Diversity Days. 


Mardi Gras
14 Feb - 3 March
Transgender Day of Visibility
31 March
Lesbian Visibility Day
26 April
17 May
Pride Month
1-30 June
14 July
14 July
25 August
27 August
23 Sept
23 September
8 October
8 October
26 October
26 October
8 November
8 November
20 November
20 November
1 December
1 December


ACON acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of this land and pays respect to Elders past, present and future. In partnership with community, ACON recognises a number of significant days that allow us to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements as well as recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.

Harmony Week
15-21 Mar
Harmony Day
21 Mar
National Sorry Day
26 May
Reconciliation Week
27 May-3 Jun
2-9 Jul